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UD Trucks’ Extra Mile Challenge 2018 Finals were completed recently at the UD Experience Center in its Ageo corporate headquarters. There were nine finalists, selected from 300 initial participants who underwent local qualifying rounds held in 9 countries. The countries represented at the Final were Japan, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar and Thailand. Malaysia’s representative, Muhammad Khairul Bin Abd Halim from Setia Maju Jaya Logistik Sdn Bhd also brought home the Special Awards for the Most Cargo-Friendly Driving category.

The UD Trucks Extra Mile Challenge is the company’s signature annual competition. It reproduces an actual truck operation cycle, assessing drivers in the three key areas of pre-driving inspection, fuel efficiency and safe driving, and maneuvering and parking. The UD Extra Mile Challenge is a quest to find the ultimate driver, measuring effectiveness in operational cost and reduced downtime in addition to safe and skilled driving. Contestants compete in either of UD’s Quester or Quon heavy-duty trucks.

The UD Extra Mile Challenge 2018 winners were Eko Yulianto at PT Duta Lintas Nusa from Indonesia in Quester and Mohd Hisham at BHS Kinetic Pte Ltd. from Singapore, in Quon,

Eko Yulianto at PT Duta Lintas Nusa, Indonesia – Winner for Quester (picture below)

“I am so pleased and honored. I think the key to success is to remain calm during the activity. If you are not calm, you can make mistakes even if you’re a good driver. I am very confident and mentally ready, but I’m not perfect. I know I have to keep striving. I still have a way to go to become the ultimate driver.”

Sharing his happiness at receiving the Special Award, Muhammad Khairul Bin Abd Hashim, Setia Maju Jaya Logistik Sdn Bhd said, “To be able to come this far into the competition has been a dream come true! I have learned a lot from all the contestants at this global round and I will definitely share what I’ve learned with all my fellow truck drivers back home!”

For UD Trucks, the quest to find the ultimate driver is part of its vision of smart logistics providing solutions to society’s needs. “Further efficiency in distribution is essential to meet the rapidly growing demand for parcel delivery. Competition in the distribution sector is also becoming more intense, while at the same time there is a severe labor shortage, particularly of skilled drivers. Despite those challenges, we have to be ever mindful of environmental issues, congestion and safety,” explained Kishi Nobuhiko, Senior Vice President, Brand, Communication and Products. “This is why we say the world needs smart logistics which is efficient and profitable, safe and sustainable, and people friendly logistics,” he continued.

Takamitsu Sakamaki, UD Trucks President and Representative Director, observed that the trucks and the people who drive them represent the interface between smart logistics and the society. “That’s why we support driver development with initiatives such as today’s Extra Mile Challenge, to raise their awareness of what is essential for the ultimate driver.”

Jacques Michel, President, Volvo Group Trucks Asia & JVs Sales reflected on the achievements and determination of the drivers “The performances of these ‘ultimate drivers’ reaffirmed our view that the role of a skillful driver is pivotal to better profitability for our customers’ businesses. We are not only celebrating the winners but also the positive impact we have made to the industry and society at large”.

The company takes the view that people depend on logistics, and logistics depends on people. UD trucks are designed with the driver in mind. The UD Extra Mile Challenge demonstrates the company’s commitment to driver education and motivation, while shining the light on the unsung heroes of smart logistics – the truck drivers. It serves as a symbol for UD Trucks’ going the extra mile for customer success and commitment to support all aspects of smart logistics.

Here are the complete results of UD Extra Mile Challenge 2018.

Quester Category
Overall Winner:
Ultimate Driver: Indonesia

  • Customer: PT Duta Lintas Nusa
  • Driver: Eko Yulianto

Category Awards:

  • Best Pre-driving Inspection: Thailand
  • ‚ÄčBest Driving Skill: Qatar
  • Best Fuel Efficiency:  Indonesia

Special Awards:

  • Most Cargo-friendly Driving:  Malaysia
  • Best Safety Mindset:  Mauritius

Quon Category
Overall Winner:
Ultimate Driver: Singapore

  • Customer: BHS Kinetic Pte Ltd.
  • Driver: Mohd Hisham

Category Awards:

  • Best Pre-driving Inspection:  Japan
  • Best Driving Skill: Singapore
  • Best Fuel Efficiency: Singapore

Special Awards:

  • Best Green-band Driving: South Africa
  • Best Sweet-spot Driving:  Australia


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UDEMC Global Final 2018
UDEMC Global Final 2018
UDEMC Global Final 2018
UDEMC Global Final 2018
UDEMC Global Final 2018
UDEMC Global Final 2018

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